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Hey there! I'm Kelsey, the owner of this wonderful blog. I'm 21 years young and a student at UMUC in Maryland studying graphic communications. I am a avid Cumberbitch, Hiddlestoner, Julian Assange supporter, Zef to Death, member of Loki's army that has been Sherlocked. Come and say hi or follow me. I won't bite. Instagram

Please ignore how god awful I look in this photo but I feel this is important to share with everyone. As you all know, I’ve been dealing with a bit of depression/bits of self harm for a long while now (if you REALLY knew me this has been going on since 7th grade and recently decided to start up again this past year.) ANYWAY I went to Disney World and had the pleasant opportunity to meet Anna and Elsa. I was super excited to meet them because Frozen and the song Let it Go had such a positive impact on my life. So I’m casually meeting with Anna and Elsa and right after the Photopass person finishes her pictures I ask Elsa if I could tell her a secret. I quietly told her that her song Let it Go really helped me cope with things and is currently helping me so much that every time I feel like I want to harm myself I will listen to that song over and over and it makes me feel empowered that the urge to hurt myself goes down drastically. (It doesn’t fully go away but it’s a start.) She pulled me into the biggest hug and whispered back into my ear that “everything I did, I did on my own” and that she “was so glad that I told her that and it made her very happy.” So Elsa I really would love for you and your friend to know that your interaction has stuck with me since and I just wanted to write you a public thank you for empowering me and reminding me I’m much stronger than any demon that decides to come into my mind.

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